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Alpirsbacher Klosterbraeu
Glauner GmbH & Co. KG

Marktplatz 1
72275 Alpirsbach

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Export division

Christina Kläger

Tel.: +49(0)7444 / 67-211
Fax: +49(0)7444 / 6736-211


Alpirsbacher Klosterbraeu
Glauner GmbH & Co. KG

Products and brands


Classics: Spezial, Pils, Alkoholfrei, Radler, Radler NATUR, Kleiner Mönch
Specialties: Kloster Dunkel, Kloster Zwickel, Kloster Starkbier, Klosterstoff Ambrosius Abtei-Bier
Wheat Beer: Weizen Hefe Hell, Weizen Isotonisch (alkoholfrei), Weizen Hefe Dunkel, Weizen Kristallklar
Seasonal specialties: Frühlingszwickel, Herbstfestbier, Weihnachtsbier


Export information

Export Selection:

Weizen Hefe Hell
Weizen Hefe Dunkel
Kloster Dunkel

Delivery terms: EXW Alpirsbach. Purchases of 20' containers of a single variety are preferred. Special labelling is possible by arrangement.

Currently exports are shipped to Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, China, Taiwan and Japan.

For further export information please contact our sales staff.


Company profile



Alpirsbacher Klosterbraeu
Brewed with water from the famous Black Forest

Gentle hills, green forests, clear water and unspoilt nature – the home of Alpirsbacher Klosterbraeu. We have been brewing beer using water from the famous Black Forest for centuries. Nature and the environment are extremely important to us.

Alpirsbacher Klosterbraeu is member of an association of leading independent private brewers who combine a love of beer and brewing with respect for the environment. "The Free Brewers" are committed to free enterprise and the independent production of regional beer specialities by people who understand and love their craft.

Alpirsbacher Klosterbraeu beers have received numerous awards for their outstanding products.


Current awards

DLG 2014
2014   Gold   Weizen Hefe Hell    
    Gold   Weizen Hefe Dunkel    
    Gold   Kloster Dunkel    
    Gold   Weizen Isotonisch    
    Gold   Spezial    
    Silber   Kleiner Mönch    
    Silber   Kloster Zwickel    
    Silber   Pils    
    Silber   Radler    
    Bronze   Klosterstoff    
    Bronze   Kleiner Mönch Zitrone    
European Beer Star 2014
2014   Gold   Pils   German Style Pilsener
World Beer Cup 2014
2014   Silber   Pils   German Style Pilsener
World Beer Award 2013
2013   Gold   Spezial   Helles / Münchner
    Silber   Kristallweizen   Weizenbier Bayrisch Kristall
    Silber   Kloster Zwickel   Helles / Münchner




Brewing is done here (location of the headquarters from Google Maps)

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