Berlin wheat beer

Regions of popularity: Principally in and around Berlin

Beer type: Schankbier ('draught')

Original extract: 7 bis 8%

Alcohol content: appr. 2,8%

Fermentation type: Top-fermenting

Characteristics: Lively, somewhat yeast-cloudy, dark yellow beer with a slightly acidic flavour.

Brewing process: Made from barley and wheat malts; the extract is fermented by a combination of top-fermenting yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

Geschichte: First documented in 1642, the main beverage of Berlin in the last century; represented an improvement over the original Halberstaedter Broihans.

Serving conventions: Served in bottles and cans; best consumed at 8 - 10 degrees Celsius.

Miscellaneous: Highly popular summer beverage; Berliner Weisse used to be served with caraway or grain, nowadays a shot of woodruff or raspberry syrup goes in the glass before filling it with the beer; usually served with a straw.

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