Regions of popularity: Dark 'Starkbier' (strong beers) mainly popular in the south; lighter ones (e.g. Maibock) more popular in northern Germany.

Beer type: Starkbier

Original extract: 16% +

Alcohol content: appr. 7% vol.

Fermentation type: Bock and Doppelbock bottom-fermenting (incl. Bavarian 'Fastenstarkbiere' for fasting), Weizenbock top-fermenting.

Characteristics: Full-bodied, golden, golden-brown or dark brown in colour.

Brewing process: More malt is used in brewing than for a pilsner for example, which increases the original extract content.

History: Comes from the City of Einbeck near Hannover in northern Germany, known since 1351; from 1615 on it was brewed in Munich by Einbeck master brewer Elias Pilcher; "Ainpoeckisch" beer became known as "Bock" beer.

Serving conventions: Best served between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius

Miscellaneous: Seasonal product: Maibock, Weihnachtsbock, Fastenstarkbier for May, Christmas and fasting respectively; in Bavaria the Fastenstarkbier season is known as the "fifth season of the year"; in Munich around Saint Joseph's Day (19 March) the solemn Salvator keg-opening ceremony is held on the Nockherberg.

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