Dark Lager/Export

Regions of popularity: Nationwide, especially in Bavaria.

Beer type: Voll- or Schankbier

Original extract: Between 10 and 14%. Export typically has 12%.

Alcohol content: Between 4,6 and 5,6% vol.

Fermentation type: Bottom-fermenting

Characteristics: Dark beer, lightly hopped, full-bodied, malty aroma.

Brewing process: Fermented with bottom-fermenting yeast using dark Munich malts.

History: In the 19th century, all bottom-fermented 'full beers' (Vollbier) with between 11 and 14 percent original extract content were referred to as lagers. Dark lagers have been gaining market share again in the last few years.

Serving conventions: Best served at 8 degrees Celsius.

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