Regions of popularity: Principally in Cologne metropolitan area and surrounding region.

Beer type: Vollbier

Original extract: avergage 11,3%

Alcohol content: appr.. 4,8% vol.

Fermentation type: Top-fermenting

Characteristics: Pale yellow, hoppy beer.

Brewing process: Fermented between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius; yeast rises to the surface, thus top-fermenting.

History: Brewing tradition dating back to the year 874; the Cologne Brewing Guild dates back to 1250; Cologne Brewers Corporation in 1396.

Serving conventions: Typically served in slender Koelsch glasses, usually holding 0.2l.

Miscellaneous: Beer of legally defined origin; may only be brewed in Cologne or by brewers who are members of the Cologne Brewers Association. Protected geographical specification EU-wide

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