Light beer

Regions of popularity: Nationwide

Beer type: Light beer is usually produced as Schankbier or Vollbier (Pils, Weizen, Alt, Koelsch).

Original extract: 7 bis 12%

Alcohol content: appr. 2 bis 3% vol.

Fermentation type: Many beers are also sold in a "light" variety, both bottom- and top-fermenting.

Characteristics: An alternative beer choice for calorie-conscious enjoyment.

Brewing process: In fermentation the formation of alcohol is either prevented, or the alcohol is largely removed after fermentation

Serving conventions: Best served at 7 degrees Celsius.

Miscellaneous: Light beer has about the same calories as skim milk; it has a 30% lower calorific value and 30% less alcohol than regular 'Vollbier' beer varieties.

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