Wheat beer

Regions of popularity: Spreading in popularity from the south ever further into northern Germany.

Beer type: Vollbier

Original extract: min. 11 and 14%

Alcohol content: appr. 5,4% vol.

Fermentation type: Top-fermenting

Characteristics: Crystal-clear or slightly yeast-cloudy, lively beer with a fruity, zesty flavour, lighter or dark coloured.

Brewing process: Minimum 50% wheat malt, the rest barley.

History: Wittelsbacher wheat monopoly since 1602, its production by other brewers repeatedly banned to protect this income source, yet it remained popular. Over 80% of wheat beers come from Bavaria.

Serving conventions: Tastes best nicely chilled right out of the refrigerator – without adding a lemon slice or rice.

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