Carlsberg Deutschland GmbH


Carlsberg Deutschland GmbH
Julius-Töpfer-Strasse 50
Haus 18
22763 Hamburg

Contact person / Export division

Export Division

Phone: +49(0)40 / 38101870


Products and brands

  • Astra
  • Carlsberg*
  • Duckstein
  • Holsten*
  • Lübzer

* Export through Carlsberg Export, License and Duty Free Division, Copenhagen, Denmark

Export information

Export products:

  • Astra:
    Astra stands for tolerance, diversity and vitality! The heart represents lots of life, lots of love and even more fun, while the anchor stands for the brand’s St.Pauli heritage. Sometimes hard, but always hearty. This combination makes Astra utterly unique and genuine.
  • Duckstein:
    The special recipe, selected ingredients and mild brewing process give this incomparable beer its own unique character and extraordinary flavour.The beech wood maturing process and the unique mixture of ingredients are what give the beer its strawberry blonde colour and its mild, caramel and slightly bitter undertones.
  • Lübzer:
    At home in northern Germany, Lübzer is a beer with a long tradition and the best ingredients. Lübzer is the beer of choice for relaxing moments; its natural goodness takes drinkers away from their troubles. It´s great for sharing and celebrating with friends.

For further information please contact our sales staff.

Company profile

Carlsberg Deutschland is one of the leading breweries in Northern and Eastern Germany. The group includes the Holsten brewery founded in Hamburg in 1879 and Mecklenburg brewery Lübz founded in 1877. The marketing and sales activities are consolidated in Carlsberg Deutschland GmbH, which is also based in Hamburg. Hamburg-based Carlsberg Deutschland Logistik GmbH bundles all logistics tasks and activities together. The activities of Carlsberg Supply Company Deutschland GmbH include production, planning and purchasing.

Carlsberg Deutschland is part of the Carlsberg Group, the fourth largest brewery group in the world. Around 41,000 people work for the company, some 650 of whom are employed in Germany. The numerous successful products of the No. 4 among the world's top brewery groups - a total of 140 different beer brands - are sold in 150 markets worldwide. In 2017, a total of 10 billion hectolitres of beer were produced.

The brewery group has a large product portfolio ranging from the Hamburg cult beer Astra, the typical Northern German beer Holsten, the speciality beer Duckstein, which is aged over beechwood, and the natural Lübzer beer, to the international brands Carlsberg and Somersby as well as the craft beers Brooklyn, Grimbergen and Staropramen.

With its products, Carlsberg Deutschland aims to make people happy and let them share beautiful experiences with each other. The engagements of Carlsberg Deutschland provide an ideal platform for regional as well as national meetings. They promote communication, tear down barriers and connect the people in the regions and beyond. This is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, which is firmly embedded in our business practices and aims to ensure that we act and grow responsibly.

Brewing is done here (location of the headquarters from Google Maps)

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