Distelhäuser Brauerei Ernst Bauer GmbH & Co. KG


Distelhäuser Brauerei
Ernst Bauer GmbH & Co. KG
Grünsfelder Strasse 3
97941 Tauberbischofsheim



Contact person / Export division

Ute Sembach

Email: Ute.Sembach@distelhaeuser.de
Phone: +49(0)9341 / 805-416
Fax: +49(0)9341 / 805-9416


Products and brands

  • Pils
  • Export
  • Märzen Urstoff
  • Landbier
  • Hefeweizen-hell
  • Hefeweizen-dunkel
  • Hefeweizen alkoholfrei
  • Kristallweizen
  • Distel Hell
  • Pils alkoholfrei

For further export information please contact our sales staff.

Brewing is done here (location of the headquarters from Google Maps)

Company profile

One idea - and pleasure lasting more than 140 years

The Distelhäuser Brewery has been in the hands of the Bauer family since 1876. This represents a long tradition as a family brewery and an obligation on our part to uphold this tradition and also sustain the economic success of the brewery – not least for the people who matter to us: our employees.

But we don’t do this by simply bowing to every modern trend and seeking success in quicker and cheaper production processes. Quite the opposite: We stick to the principles of our traditional and trusted recipes and brewing methods. At the same time, we do of course integrate new technology and automated steps into our operating processes – as long as we don’t have to compromise the quality and regional character of our beers.

Our beer specialities which have earned nationwide recognition thanks to their quality and outstanding taste. It is not by chance that Distelhäuser is among the most successful breweries worldwide – a fact that is confirmed by the many national and international awards! There is an old saying that “a trade in hand finds gold in every land”, and the many gold medals adorning the walls of our brewery show that this is true of our brewing trade.

Each Distelhäuser is a real beer delicacy from our region. From the ingredients to the recipe and our responsibility for our homeland.

This is how it should and will always be. You have our word!

Slow Brewing

Good things come to those who wait

A truly special beer needs to be brewed with great care and therefore takes a little time – from the selection of the ingredients to the brewing method and storage. The mashing process we apply is adapted to the individual recipes and is very intense and time-consuming. We consciously refrain from using modern rapid-fermentation processes and literally do not put any pressure on the yeast: Our master brewers give it the time it needs to complete its fermentation processes and develop the unique aromas. Our beers are subsequently stored for up to eight weeks in order to achieve their full maturity.
Pleasure needs time and quality has its price. This clear conviction is also reflected in the fact that we apply the strict criteria of the "Slow Brewing” society, of which we have been a member since 2014. But the quality of the beer, which is inspected at monthly intervals, is not the only criterion for admission. The company and the people behind it are just as important for Slow Brewing. It is checked which values are held by the brewery and how sustainable their work is in the social environment or in environmental protection.
You can find out more at: www.slow-brewing.com

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