Gräflich zu Stolberg'sche BRAUEREI WESTHEIM GmbH


Gräflich zu Stolberg'sche
Kasseler Strasse 7
34431 Westheim


Contact person / Export division

Export Division

Phone: +49(0)2994 / 889 - 0
Fax: +49(0)2994 / 889 - 80

Products and brands

  • Westheimer Premium Pilsener
  • Graf Stolberg Dunkel
  • Westheimer Wildschütz Klostermann
  • Westheimer Weizen
  • Westheimer Weizen Dunkel
  • Westheimer Weizen alkoholfrei


Export information

For further information please contact our sales staff.

Company profile

Noble origins

Westheimer beers have a pedigree A private brewery near Marsberg has been crafting them for over 140 years. The company owns three proprietary springs on the extensive grounds of the brewery that provide the very freshest water for brewing. Today Josef Freiherr von Twickel and his son Moritz von Twickel run this tradition-oriented family business.

The von Twickel family and their employees guarantee the quality of the products they make.

Brewing is done here (location of the headquarters from Google Maps)

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