Störtebeker Braumanufaktur GmbH


Stoertebeker Braumanufaktur GmbH
Greifswalder Chaussee 84-84
18439 Stralsund

Contact person / Export division

Angela Kruse

Phone: +49(0)3831 / 255 - 580

Products and brands

  • Störtebeker Pilsener-Bier
  • Störtebeker Schwarzbier
  • Störtebeker Bernstein-Weizen
  • Störtebeker Roggen-Weizen
  • Störtebeker Hanse-Porter
  • Störtebeker «1402» Kellerbier

Export information

For further information please contact our sales staff.

Company profile

The Störtebeker Brewery was founded in 1827. Ever since then we have brewed top-quality beers at our site in the Hanseatic town of Stralsund. Today our brewery stands for North German identity, excellent speciality beers and a unique brewing culture.

As a medium-sized company, we have always felt more connected to the art of brewing than the brewing industry in general. And since our routes are short and our flexibility is high, we can do what others cannot: that is experiment until we have created a recipe for a new and flavoursome speciality beer.

Why not call in if you happen to be passing? You could take a guided tour, take part in a beer tasting session with an expert or enjoy a menu accompanied by beer.

Brewing is done here (location of the headquarters from Google Maps)

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