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Holsten-Brauerei AG

Holstenstraße 224
22765 Hamburg

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Export Division

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Carlsberg Deutschland -
the Holsten-Brauerei AG

Holsten-Brauerei AG
(member of the Carlsberg Deutschland Group)

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* Export through Carlsberg Export, License and Duty Free Division, Copenhagen, Denmark


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Export products:


Astra: Astra stands for tolerance, diversity and vitality! The heart represents lots of life, lots of love and even more fun, while the anchor stands for the brand’s St.Pauli heritage. Sometimes hard, but always hearty. This combination makes Astra utterly unique and genuine.

Duckstein: The special recipe, selected ingredients and mild brewing process give this incomparable beer its own unique character and extraordinary flavour.The beech wood maturing process and the unique mixture of ingredients are what give the beer its strawberry blonde colour and its mild, caramel and slightly bitter undertones.

Lübzer: At home in northern Germany, Lübzer is a beer with a long tradition and the best ingredients. Lübzer is the beer of choice for relaxing moments; its natural goodness takes drinkers away from their troubles. It´s great for sharing and celebrating with friends.


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A brewing tradition with a knightly character.

Holsten-Brauerei AG is a Carlsberg Deutschland Group company. The Carlsberg Deutschland Group is part of the international Carlsberg Group and is among the leading drinks manufacturers in Germany.

Holsten-Brauerei has been brewing and selling its brands since 1879 in accordance with the German purity law. Alongside the Holsten brand, Holsten-Brauerei also produces the brands Astra, Lübzer, Duckstein and Carlsberg. With its five strong core brands, the company has successfully made a name for itself on the market and is constantly enhancing the brands with product and marketing innovations.

We want our products to give people enjoyment and vitality; we want to inspire them and bring them together as a global community.


Brewing is done here (location of the headquarters from Google Maps)

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