German beer quality

Only the pure stuff gets the thumbs up

Why is a visit to a local brewery the highlight of a trip to Germany for so many foreign visitors?

Because German beer equals first-class beer. And this is essentially thanks to the world-famous German Reinheitsgebot or purity law. Only water, hops and malt belong in German beer. And yeast.

The German purity law

“How beer is to be served and brewed in the country in summer and winter”: This was the title of the decree Wilhelm IV, Duke of Bavaria, put before the Bavarian Estates in Ingolstadt in April 1516. The “German purity law” is therefore one of the world’s oldest food and drink legislations still in force today. The purity law provided protection against adulteration, but even more importantly, it outlawed the addition of chemicals or other additives.

Today as well, the German purity law has lost none of its relevance. It guarantees effective consumer protection, the highest quality and pure pleasure: German beer does not contain any artificial flavourings or additives – just water, hops, malt and yeast.