VAB - Membership


Membership of the association is voluntary. All members enjoy equal rights under the statutes. Membership is open to companies operating in the brewing industry which are based anywhere in Germany (with the exception of Bavaria) or the European Union and are interested in exporting beer.

Admission fee

In accordance with § 2 para. 4 of our statutes (the most recent version of 23 May 2005 which comprises all previous statutory changes), application for membership incurs a (one-off) application fee amounting to the relevant basic contribution unless the board decides to waiver the application fee either wholly or in part.

Annual subscription

The contribution to be newly decided annually by the Annual General Meeting is composed of two factors, namely

  • the basic contribution, which currently amounts to € 750 for exports of up to 50,000 hl and € 2,000 for exports of more than 50,000 hl
  • as well as the contribution levy. The levy is calculated on the basis of the export volumes of the previous year. The current contribution levy is for:
    • Beer exports up to 200,000 hl: 0.051 EUR/hl
    • Beer exports over 200,000 hl up to 600,000 hl: 0.040 EUR/hl
    • Beer exports over 600,000 hl up to 1 million hl: 0.020 EUR/hl