German brewers


German breweries do not supply end customers through exports. Their partners are specialist importers and retailers who import directly all over the world.

The range stretches from premium lager beer and Pils, to top-fermented regional varieties like Koelsch or Altbier, wheat, export, bock or black beer, to fine German specialties like Kellerbier, Krausenbier, Zwickelbier or Rauchbier. This wealth of choice, which is unique worldwide, is topped off with non-alcoholic, malt and light beer, plus a broad range of mixed beer-based drinks with various taste profiles.

It is not only individual brands that shape the image of the German beer industry. The diversity of these beers with such a high level of quality is truly unique.

Quality is appreciated no matter where you are

Scoring points with German brewers

German brewers are supported by certain weighty “assets” – a unique beer culture that has grown up over centuries, unbeatable choice, a unique variety of tastes and a great image. Beer is first and foremost, German beer worldwide.

On a global scale, German brewers represent the world’s top beer-producing nation. The fact that a visit to a brewery is a must for so many foreign tourists on a trip to Germany is a clear indication of the outstanding reputation German beer enjoys in the United States, Japan, Brazil and China. Year by year, German brewers are exploiting attractive sales opportunities on the international market ever more intensively. Today German beer is enjoyed in more than 160 different countries. And German beers are bound by tradition and high quality standards.

As before, there are no licensed products made in the distribution areas themselves. This is a real export beer – produced in the brewing vats of German breweries between the North Sea and the Alps.

Carefully planned quality

For German brewers, export and sustainable internationalisation do not mean grabbing business opportunities here and there, but a conscious decision for the long-term development of foreign sales markets.

For the majority of medium-sized German brewers who depend on exports, the focus here is not on quantity, but on the positioning of their specialties, which are as coveted as they are precious, as premium products. This approach has been successfully adopted with the help of competent distribution partners on all five continents.

A crucial part of the international success of German beers is thus the involvement of skilled specialist importers, with their knowledge of the relevant markets. Their expertise ensures appropriate handling of the product and guarantees freshness and product quality all the way to the end customer.