VAB - Our profile

If the spotlight is on German beer, then we have done our job well

Since 1946, we have been safeguarding and promoting the export interests of our network of member breweries located throughout Germany (with the exception of Bavaria). In particular, we advise and assist our members with all export issues and represent their interests to state institutions at a national and European level as well as to third states.

The focus of our activities

We represent the interests of our members vis-à-vis national and EU institutions as well as government and administrative bodies in third countries, particularly with regard to the following areas:

  • labelling and packaging law
  • trade and customs policy as well as excise law
  • food and beer legislation
  • factual implementation of the common internal market
  • market access and non-tariff trade barriers

We inform our members:

  • via a regular, up-to-date newsletter service that provides information on legislative changes and long-term market trends relevant to day-to-day business
  • through comprehensive statistical reports

We support and advise our members on:

  • how to make their products “fit” for the individual foreign markets
  • resolving problems caused by legislative requirements or intervention by the authorities

Our members are always at the heart of our actions. Quick, reliable and accurate information is our most important resource.


The VAB is an independent association specialising in export issues. It is a member of the Deutscher Brauer-Bund e.V. (German Brewers' Federation), based in Berlin.

On a European level the association collaborates in the Brewers of Europe committees.

The VAB represents the beer sector within the German Export Association for Food and AgriProducts (GEFA). Through the VAB, members have the opportunity to benefit from a number of GEFA export promotion activities. Support for participation in trade fairs, organisation of market fact-finding and business trips, coordination of market surveys and provision of information in numerous other forms are just some of the GEFA’s wide-ranging foreign trade promotion services.